Meaning Making Machine

The Meaning Making Machine addresses the highly interpretive nature of images and language. The viewer's objectives, ideology and social beliefs are always in play. That is why I am creating art work that gives an open reading of the material presented and authorizes the viewer to create meaning and narrative for themselves. In this sense, it is not my work that is the Meaning Making Machine, it is the viewer’s own mind that provides the meaning. It also uses a narrative structure that has no beginning middle or end.

The coupling of images in this work creates meaning for the mind like a visual sentence or statement. Two elements are juxtaposed on a screen in the form of subject and predicate. This comparison of images is done side-by-side. However, the pairing of these elements is being selected randomly by a computer. By using the computer, 2,500 to 3,600 different possible combinations of elements can be created as statements. No matter how dissimilar the images, closure will create a relationship for the mind. This forces the mind to consider the two images as a whole, which initiates endless possibilities of meaning for the viewer.